“ Without a message, all that’s left is a product or service.”


the Mission:

Creative Heat Photography + Branding aims to assist each company in visually illustrating their mission/philosophy through professional photography and content creation services that best endorses the uniqueness of their brand.


Heather C. Lancaster is an experienced professional photography and marketing + content manager for various retail brands.

Photo shoots can be arranged in agreed locations, event venues, or chosen locations found fitting to the brand/company. Finding places of marvel to capture the attention of the subject, will in turn, also capture the attention of an audience thereafter. Lifestyle photography or portraiture is taken in pursuit of capturing candid moments, as well as a direct connection between the person(s) and the lens.

Final Portfolio of photographs can be used to create content for print and online digital platforms. I utilize the Adobe Creative Suite and my experience as a Marketing + Content Manager to work with your company's needs.

** Service may also be provided with other photography given **

Everyone has different needs, which is why it’s important to have a conversation around yours. Please email Heather at creativeheat.hcl@gmail.com.