"Keep Daydreaming, it's when our ideas strike."



Heather C. Lancaster has been working in the yoga industry for more than 2 years, having over eight years of diverse professional photography experience prior to her developed practice.

After 3 years of developing her yoga practice, Heather is now currently in training for her RYT200! With her knowledge of yoga postures and light, she is able to combine the two visually for some inspiring photographs, capturing pure spirit with every inspiring shot.

“If you are up for the shot, so am I! Whether that means climbing a tree, or balancing on a natural structure, I love to capture your adventurous side.”

the start:

Creative Heat Photography Started Back in 2014, developed as a personal brand to illustrate Heather's passion for capturing her favorite lived moments... daydreams. We often require time away from the routines, from the chaos, from...humanity... to sit in silence with our own minds, unraveling thoughts and enjoying the beauty of our imagination; to enjoy the beauty of our existence.

To Heather, branding is a visual interpretation of a personal message, a message that reaches close to a person’s heart. Without this message, all that’s left is a product or service.


"Place yourself in a breath-taking marvel of nature. This moment becomes a new sanctuary for your mind to find stillness. It becomes a daydream. Inner peace can be found here"

Photo shoots can range from known locations to sometimes spontaneous trips, finding places of marval that capture the attention of the subjects spirit. the photographs taken Capture candid exploration and moments of stillness. The joy received in these simple moments is worth capturing.

the Mission:

Creative heat photography aims to assist various brands in visually illustrating their message by applying a love of photography and passion for personal expression to capture moments that best endorse the uniqueness of your company.

the How:

Everyone has different needs, which is why it’s important to have a conversation around yours. Please email Heather at creativeheat.hcl@gmail.com.