Together, you and Heather will not only celebrate you and your brand/event, but also produce images and content that you can share for years to come. Each person and brand is unique, requiring different needs and occasions for photography and marketing/brand awareness content. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.


photography rates:

$350.00 for 1st Hour
+ $50 for each additional hour
All day events can be packaged differently. 
Please contact for more info.

content creation rates:

$25.00 - $35.00/ Hour

Each brand/company has different content needs.

Varying from print materials, as well as website, email, and social digital content.



Prior to your scheduled shoot, a retainer fee of half the total estimated investment is required, as well as a signed contract agreement.

Following the shoot, a series of sample photos will be sent for approval prior to the release of the final portfolio. Once the final portfolio is received, the remainder of compensation to be invested. If you are unhappy with your finals, you will be refunded half of your initial retainer fee for time invested. If unapproved, all finals will remain property of Creative Heat Photography.

** Please note that all cancellations fewer than 7 days before the scheduled photo shoot will be subject to a non-refundable $100.00 cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding this inconvenience.

Prior to content creation services, clients must sign a contract agreement for the desired exchange. Hourly rate depends upon type of content needed and the time period for which it’s desired by the client. Each content piece(s) will be sent for approval prior to the final(s) being released to the client. Once services are rendered and content is approved by the client, an invoice will be sent for the exchange of investment for content creation services.